These questions are put together as a study aid designed to lead a new believer or someone new to right division through the Epistle the Apostle Paul calls “My Gospel”. While Paul’s gospel (the book of Romans) contains the “good news” of how to be justified unto eternal life, the scope of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans goes well beyond this foundational issue, and leads the believer through the rest of the doctrines meant to “stablish” a babe in Christ. This babe, now enrolled into this course by virtue of having believed the gospel of Christ, is presented with Romans as the first class on the syllabus.

Once this “Pauline Doctrine 101″ course has been taken in, with the knowledge built up in his inner man, this babe should be ready for both the admonishment of the subsequent three letters to the Corinthians and Galatians. He will then be ready for the “meat” to come in Paul’s subsequent letters (Ephesians and following) as he moves on toward perfection.


We will be adding chapters as they are compiled.


Romans Introduction

Romans 1

Romans 2

Romans 3

Romans 4

Romans 5

Romans 6

Romans 7

Romans 8a

Romans 8b