Recommended Reading

  • Satan and His Plan of Evil by Keith Blades
  • Things That Differ by C.R.Stam
  • Which Version is the Bible by Floyd Nolen Jones
  • Let’s Weigh the Evidence by Barry Burton
  • Appointed by David W. Busch
  • Lordship Salvation by Joel Finck
  • Dispensational Theology by Charles Baker

We have many of these titles available in our Lending Library.

Compare Bible Versions Is your Bible truly the inspired Word of God?  This site compares different Bible versions and casts light on the true authority of the Authorized King James Version.

More Recommended Reading

  • Final Authority by William Grady
  • Which Bible by David Otis Fuller
  • Identity of the New Testament by William Pickering
  • Defending the King James Bible by D.A. Waite